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Diablo 4 won’t be at BlizzCon this year, nor any other Diablo announcements


The Diablo development team have announced that they won’t be making any new announcements at this year’s Blizzcon. In a forum post released yesterday, the team said that while there will be new content in the future “that time is not now.” 

While we continue the long wait for a new Diablo, why not read up on the future of the series?

The post references the changes that have come to Diablo since the last Blizzcon, including the cathedral dungeon and the arrival of the Necromancer to Diablo III. But while Diablo will feature on the show floor, the team say “we won’t be making any new Diablo announcements.”

As well as the game itself, there’ll also be a special in-game reward at Blizzcon, as well as some Diablo-themed panels at the event. Beyond that, there’s a new patch on the way, and the team ask for players’ patience going forward.

Surprisingly, the community response has been pretty positive. In a threadon the Diablo subreddit, users praised the team for their honesty despite their disappointment at the lack of new content. Responses beneath the forum post itself tell a similar story, with players happy to have been kept in the loop. Blizzcon 2017 will run from November 3-4.