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BlizzCon schedule announced, Diablo kind of absent


BlizzCon’s annual celebration of all things Blizzard (well, almost all) is fast approaching and now we know what they’re going to talk about, when and where! Spoilers: Anaheim, CA, November 4-5, and secrets.

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The schedule and floor map for BlizzCon was revealed today, including such imaginatively named talks as “Hearthstone – What’s Next?”, “Overwatch – What’s New?” and “World of Warcraft: Legion – What’s Next?”

While we can only guess at the content of these presentations, there is one of Blizzard’s children conspicuously absent from the future plans division of talks, and that’s Diablo.

Though BlizzCon 2016 is a double celebration for ten years of the event itself and 25 years of the company, the little game that practically started it all seems missing from its own birthday party.

Tweets from the official account suggest there’ll still be something cool happening, and there is this on-site party with David Brevik and Bill Roper, so maybe there will be news for the RPG fans after all.

For the rest of us, nerdhalla awaits.