The Necromancer and the wider future of Diablo with developers Kevin Martens and John Mueller

The future of Diablo

Rounding off our BlizzCon 2016 coverage, it’s Diablo. Of all their franchises, Blizzard’s action RPG perhaps needed the most love, and left its fans the angriest. The Necromancer, while great, left a loud portion of fans wanting more significant shake-ups to a game focused so tightly on replayability. Some, meanwhile, were just wanting an expansion or sequel that’s clearly not been on the cards for some time. Of course, based on the cheers in the crowd, not everyone was so disappointed. We put all this, and more, to lead designer Kevin Martens and art director John Mueller.

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Of course, they’re not too keen on talking about what lies beyond the immediate, but we asked and they answered anyway. Other than that there’s talk of what else we can expect to see in the Necromancer’s toolkit, their thoughts on the sometimes-extreme negative reaction of the community and more.

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