Blizzard have “resolved” Diablo III auction house delivery delays


The auction house is being prepped for despatch: covered with the ropes and pulleys that’ll pull it into the abyss in March. But Blizzard still have to keep the thing running till then, and reports of delayed transactions have increased rapidly over the last few days. As a consequence, the dev team have sent inquisitors into the bowels of the game to see what’s up – and they think they’ve sorted the problem.

The alarm was raised by players who noticed that Blizzard’s official advice on handling auction house delays had been updated. Where originally it had suggested that players submit a support ticket after 5 days without their expected items, gold or cash, it now advises 10 days – a full 240 hours.

In response to the ensuing noise, a Blizzard rep told complainants on the support forums that the developers were “currently investigating the situation”. They asked players not to submit support tickets on the issue – but returned just a few hours later with good news.

“We found that for a large number of auctions this past week, the game was displaying these as having successfully completed, when in fact they had not,” said the rep. “The issue which was preventing these transactions from being recognized as having properly failed, has now been resolved.”

However, these excessively delayed auctions may still appear as ‘completed’ in-game.

“Any funds that were temporarily associated with these auctions are not being held by Blizzard and will be released through the financial institution that was used in conjunction with these transactions,” the rep continued.

“The release times for these payments can vary depending on which bank or credit card was used. We again apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and thank you for your understanding.”

Have you struggled with the auction house lately? 10 days is a long time to wait for a new sword – especially if you’ve parted with real, not-sourced-from-the-corpse-of-a-demon, money for it.

Thanks, Diablo Somepage.