Blizzard interview Diablo 3 voice actors – Covetous Shen is a total dude


That’s James Hong, voice of insidious Diablo 3 jewelcrafter Covetous Shen, about to investigate an awesome cupboard. He’s cool. He knew Frank Sinatra and Groucho Marx. He’s been in Blade Runner. Over on the official Diablo 3 blog, Blizzard are running interviews with the voice actors behind Covetous Shen, Azmodan and Tyrael, and they reveal more about the characters than you might expect. Blizzard also ask amazing questions, such as “Azmodan doesn’t really have any lips; how did that influence your delivery?”

Read the full interviewsto get an insight into Tyrael voice actor Jonathan Adams’ love of classic D&D, Azmodan voice actorDavid Sobolov’s flair for the French hornand JamesHong’s extensive film work.

The three Q&As form the first part of more interviews to come, with Michael Gough’s Deckard Cain (who, for my money, was totally ripped off by Tom Hardy in The Dark Knight Rises)no doubt waiting in the wings.