Blizzard want to let players customise their own Diablo 3 item stats


“Giving players more control and customization of their item stats is something we talk about a lot in our office,” associate game designer Don Vu said in a recent forum Q&A. “There have been a lot of ideas thrown around here and some great suggestions from the community, but we have not finalized any systems yet.” Nonetheless, Vu went on to offer some thoughts on what those systems might be.

Vu named a number of possibilities the dev team were considering implementing, but stressed none were finalised. In future updates, players might gain the ability to swap out a particular stat on an item for another of their choice, for instance, or upgrade an existing item with a chosen stat.

Another direction might see players given the chance to create items with one or several fixed affixes, similar to Rare recipes, or add socketable affixes in place of gems.

“All of these systems have their positives and negatives,” said Vu, “so we want to make sure we make the right choice and consider all other changes we plan on making before deciding which systems we want to implement.”

Which implementation would you like to see Blizzard plump for?

Thanks, IncGamers.