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Bottom falls out of Diablo 3 burger market as auction house prices tumble by 91%


Last Friday, three hours after Diablo 3’s real money auction house launched, the average buyout price of a Horadric Hamburger stood at an initial high of £87.91. Today that number has fallen to just £7.50, a market decline of 91%. The once saturated hamburger economy, it seems, is shrinking rapidly.

Players flooded the auction house with the legendary sandwiches – a one-handed dagger weapon dropped in the game’s Whimsyshire area – with twelve burgers listed at the maximum asking priceof £200.It is unknown how many hamburgers were successfully sold at this price, though the subsequent market crash signifies a surplus of Horadric Hamburgersfor which there was little or nodemand.

Now four days since the real money auction housewent live, cash priceshave plunged across the entire market with just over half of listed hamburgers priced at £5 or below. The total value of burgers listed on the real money auction house now stands £3,371 below that of Friday, and will likely never recover.The most arrogantly priced beefy treat stands alone at an ambitious£56.84.

Meanwhile the launch of tomorrow’s 1.0.3 patch is expected toaffect prices even further, as legendary drops become more powerful and Inferno drops more common. We’ll keep you updated on the market’s reaction as it happens:by tomorrow we might be burning Horadric Hamburgers just to keep warm.