Diablo 3 devs considering alternatives to Magic Find gear swapping – update coming today


Blizzard are due to give an update on Magic Find gear swapping today. What’s Magic Find gear swapping? It’s when you carry around a spare set of armour that’s tuned towards increasing your Magic Find stat and change into it the second before you kill an Elite enemy. So you get the benefit of your regular combat effective gear as well as the increased Magic Find that comes with your poorer gear – at the obvious expense of convenience: switching all your armour over is a pain in the patoot, not to mention the valuable inventory space it soaks up. Blizzard, it seems, are about to change this for the better.

“How do you feel about keeping an MF set to swap in just before a kill? Don’t answer yet! We’ll be asking you for your thoughts tomorrow” tweeted Diablo 3 CM Bashiok last night, before everybody went ahead and answered anyway.
Clarifying, he continued on the forum: “Our hope is to keep all the good stuff about it (extra MF) while cutting out all the bad stuff (losing storage, and the labor of swapping gear). I think there’s at least a couple solutions we lay out that people will like. Check back tomorrow and let us know what you think.”

Last week, Blizzard promised an upcoming “juicy blog post” by Diablo 3 developers discussing potential solutions to Magic Find gear swapping. It’s not certain what solution they’ve settled on – perhaps a hotkey to swap to a secondary, pre-equipped paper doll? It’s been high on the list of player requests since the game launched, after all.

“Gear swapping is the most efficient way to play,” wrote Bashiok on the forum. “We don’t have a problem with efficient ways to play the game, in fact that’s much of what the game is about: playing as efficiently as possible to find better gear faster. The problem with gear swapping is that a pretty wide array of people don’t particularly like doing it, and are asking us to find a solution because they feel forced to do it (and don’t particularly enjoy it). True we could just say whatever and let it continue, but it seems like a situation where we can step in, present some solutions, and try to figure something out that makes everyone happy.”

Whatever the solution, we sincerely doubt everybody will be happy. This is Diablo 3.

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