Diablo 3 expansion definitely coming


An expansion pack is planned for Diablo, but Blizzard aren’t telling when it’ll get here.

The news came from Blizzard monarch Mike Morhaime in an earnings call last night. Morhaime added that the quality of the expansion would be a “big factor” in determining an eventual release date.

Quality control, eh. What a curious way to do business!

Earlier in the same call we learned that Diablo 3 has sold 10 million copies since release. Not bad for an RPG with no dialogue in it.

Significant new additions continue to fly into the game via patches. Diablo 3 patch 1.05 saw the arrival of Infernal Machine and Monster Power, and PvP is still in the pipeline. What can Blizzard bring to Diablo that might go some way to justifying the price associated with a full expansion?

Thanks, IGN.