Diablo 3 patch 1.0.3 now live in the US – Blizzard releases official patch notes


The Diablo 3 server has lurched back to life in the Americas, now boasting a fashionable new 1.0.3 patch. Blizzard has detailed the changes they’ve made in an extensive blog post over on Battle.net: turns out they’ve had their fingers in everything from high-end drop rates and repair costs to mob pathing and auction houses. The groggy European server is still recovering from its overnight patching and is scheduled to come back online by 1pm this afternoon. Meanwhile, suspicious Diablo fans are compiling their own list of “hidden” changes.

For the paranoid among you, Redditor 32Ash has compiled an unofficial list of the hidden changes in patch 1.0.3, based on the canny observations of US players. These are all unverified and changes are being added to the list as and whenthey’re reported. Some of the wording in the listeven makes players sound slightly aggrieved. Who’d have thought it?

With some extensive changes to how certain stats operate (attack speed bonuses have been effectively halved, for a start), it’d be a good idea to give your character the once over before you trundle off in Azmodan’s direction. That is, if Blizzard hasn’t already nerfed trundling.