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Diablo 3 patch 1.0.4 is out, adds Paragon levels and buffs Legendary items


Diablo 3’s servers have been down while Blizzard work feverishly away at getting the new patch online. Now the lights are back up and Diablo 1.0.4 is here, bringing with it Paragon levels, effectively raising the level cap to 160.

Some of 1.0.4’s biggest tweaks and buffs are in aid of making Legendary weapons worthy of their name. Over atIGN, Jay Wilson has admitted thatthe development team’s experience of Legendary items internally was somewhat different to that of the public upon release: “When we would get Legendaries, Legendaries felt special. Because we didn’t have the quality level of items that quickly kind of propagated in the live environment.”

But he added: “We had an expectation that we would probably go out the gate and learn some things about the game and need to adjust. We just kind of planned for that.”