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Diablo 3 player Alkaizer about to hit Paragon max level


So you know how when Blizzard updated Diablo 3 with the new Paragon levels a week or so ago, and then Steve made that lovely graph and just laughed in our collective faces when we asked how long it would take to reach Paragon level 100? And we all nodded and looked at that graph, and then we went about our day to day business.
Well some people haven’t gone about their day to day business. They’ve taken that Paragon level 100 and seen it as a challenge, and they’re about to overcome it. One player, Alkaizer, just hit level 97. In a week.

Just for a moment I’d like to say how absolutely insanethat is. I get players getting to the level cap of MMOs in a few days of concerted effort and a lot of help from friends. I get people doing insane gaming feats not far after release. But it took me at least 12 hours just to get to level 30 in Diablo 3. And those are easy levels! But these Paragon levels are specifically designed to take absolutely ages to achieve.
Less than a week. Alkaizer, you crazy, magnificent bastard, I tip my hat to you.
If you’d like to witness Alkaizer cross the level 100 mark, there’s a Twitch stream here, although it seems to be down just now. I don’t think it’s because they’re taking a break though; I don’t think Alkaizer takes breaks.
And if you want to see the face of madness, here’s the armoury page for the barbarian that is going to get there first.