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Diablo 3 real-money auction house launches in Europe, hamburger prices skyrocket


The real-money auction house has gone live in Europe following its launch earlier this week in the Americas, meaning moneyed Diablo 3 players can now buy and sell items and gold with real cash. You know, the stuff you’d usually spend on food and shelter. Already there are weapons available to purchase at the upper buyout limit of £200, as well as a tonne of expensive Horadric Hamburgers – a legendary weapon dropped in the game’s secret Whimsyshire level.

Currently only equipmentmay be bought and sold on the auction house, with gold and commoditytrading coming “as soon as possible”. Blizzard are taking fees of £1per successful auction (which should stop sellers flooding the auction house with low level junk items), as well as a 15% transfer fee when funds are withdrawn from your Battle.net wallet.

Might be a viable alternative to a summer job, if you hate yourself.