Diablo 3’s vote kicking to be modified after Hardcore players use it to slay rivals


It turns out that Diablo 3 players have discovered a particularly crafty way to kill one another in Hardcore mode. Vote kicking another player saddles them with a ten second wait before they leave the game, during which time they’re left vulnerable to monsters. Anyone caught in the middle of a particularly nasty melee who is suddenly vote kicked is going to find themselves in serious trouble and, as any Diablo 3 player will tell you, a dead Hardcore character remains a dead Hardcore character. There’s no coming back.

“We recognize that this is a legitimate issue for Hardcore players and want to address it ASAP,” said Lylirra, Blizzard’s Community Manager.”Right now, we’re looking to remove the 10-second movement lockout whenever a Vote Kick is passed from both Hardcore and Normal modes. While we realize this solution may allow players to exploit the Vote Kick function to avoid death, it’s not a very reliable survival technique and we feel that it’s a better alternative than players losing a character they’ve invested a lot of time into due to griefing.”

This may well be a temporary solution, asBlizzard are looking into whether they need toprovide a hotfix orclient-side patch.

Thanks to incgamers, who we hope haven’t lost any characters this way.