Everything you could possibly want to know about Magic Find in Diablo 3…


… but were too concerned for your own sanity to ask. Over on DiabloFans, player Sexton has compiled an exhaustive statistical analysis of how Magic Find bonuses work in Diablo 3, using data and insight collaboratively harvested by over a dozen players. It’s slightly maddening stuff, but essential reading for anybody serious about finding shinier bracers.

The researchers have pulled data out of everything fromReddit AMAs and blue posts to the Blizzard blog and the game itself, to create a compendium of Magic Find info that they believe is accurate up to version And even if you’re not up to speed on how the loot-enhancing bonus works, the study includes an introductory guide to Magic Find, what is is and where to find it.

Their graphs are also way better than ours, and they paid enough attention in maths class to come up with cleverness like: “The base drop chance of legendary items is equal for all drop-slots and can be explained by the formula [ Y = 1/2000 * (1 + MF/100) ] for various MF levels (Y = nominal drop chance)”, which makes my science gland twinge.

Here’s the full thing, and a direct link to their summaryif you don’t have all afternoon.