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Man crafts one thousand gloves in Diablo 3, releases giant book of stats


Crafting items in Diablo 3 yields seemingly random results from one piece of gear to the next. One pair of gloves could be a mighty pair of dexterity boosting mega-gauntlets, while the next wouldn’t be fit to adorn the paws of your worst and most naked-handed enemy. Of course, crafted items aren’t truly random – the game’s blacksmith consults a hidden algorithm every time he creates a piece of equipment. Sensing mystery, Redditor nevermyrealname churned out one thousand pairs of gloves, revealing through brute force the likelihoods of crafted items receiving the various modifiers. Helpfully for anybody interested in crafting, he’s posted the results for all to see. Click through for numbers.

If that’s a bit too much science for your brain to chew through, another Reddit user helpfully condensed some of the data. Bear in mind that this should mean precisely nothing to you if you’re not playing Diablo 3. Every pair of gloves crafted in version 1.0.3 has the following chances of receiving bonuses:

  • 70% chance of Dex bonus
  • 70% chance of Int bonus
  • 61% chance of Str bonus
  • 53% chance of Vit bonus
  • 31% chance of All Resistance bonus
  • 28% chance of Increased Critical Hit Damage
  • 25% chance of Increased Critical Hit Chance
  • 25% chance of Increased Magic Find
  • 14% chance of Increased Attack Speed

Is that interesting? I hope that’s interesting. It looks like it should be interesting, right? If not, how about this: the prolific glove manufacturer sold his mitten horde for 250 million gold, having spent 150 million on crafting. That’s some straightforward money maths.