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Play Diabloo 3 in your browser; “This game sucks it just sucks very badly”, say critics

Diablo 3

Video game trolls we know, but trolls-as-games? That’s new. Come on in, Diabloo 3.

You’ll find Diabloo 3 hosted at Kongregate – “Play Diabloo 3 online with your friends!”, reads its description. Its comments page proves to be a veritable Metacritic of invaluable discussion.

“AMAZING GAME!”, raves Enxoeuler. Haslom generously rates the game five stars, though the community average sits at a less favourable 1.88/5 stars at time of writing.

“This game is the most worst ripoff ive seen the title is just for vists and the picture on the front to i mean seriesly who would do suck a thing on kongregate i thought there was suposed to be no tricks i mean cmon this game sucks it just sucks very badly,” offers an audibly let-down Deletemyham.
Who would do such a thing?

cheeseishgud, meanwhile, remains sceptical about the whole enterprise: “How this ment too be about a demon?”

How indeed. Thanks to Reddit, as always.