Public Test Realm option added to Diablo 3 launcher hints at upcoming PvP patch


We’ve got a new button! The previously greyed out ‘Download Public Test’ button on the Diablo 3 launcher is now aflush with colour and verve, flickering in highlighted anticipation as you mouse over it teasingly. Clicking on the new button doesn’t actually do anything right now, but it suggests that preparations are being made to open up Diablo 3’s public test realm, the online back-room in which Blizzard test-run new Diablo 3 patches and updates. And what update would require the help of players to test it, if not the Player vs Player update due to arrive in Patch 1.1? Clues!

Spotted by DiabloFans, the launcher’s new button follows word from Blizzard that the Public Test Realm will indeed host patch 1.1, the Diablo 3 update due to add the much anticipated PvP game mode.

“We’re going full steam ahead on the PvP patch,” wrote Blizzard shortly after the game’s launch,”which will also include a number of game changes unrelated to PvP, and we look forward to sharing more about that as we get closer to opening up a PTR, where you’ll be able to test out our changes — and enjoy mercilessly slaughtering one another in the PvP arena.”

Of course, the button’s illumination may have just been a mistake.

And if you’re wondering who’s pointing at the new button on my desktop: it’s this friendly little chameleon dude.