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StarCraft 2 mod remakes Diablo 2


We’ve already seen an impressive array of mods for StarCraft 2. Mods that restyle the top down RTS into a 3rd person MMORPG, that turn the game into a card game, and, now, a mod that takes another Blizzard game, Diablo 2, and pushes it into the 25th century: Egodbout’s Diablo: The Curse of Tristram RPG.

It’s received an impressive facelift, too, as the video below will testify.

Modder Egodbout, not content with Blizzard’s attempt to build upon the Diablo franchise with last year’s release of Diablo 3, returned to the second game in the series and built it from the ground up in StarCraft 2’s impressively flexible toolbox.

Egod’s been working on the project for two years now, having started it shortly after receiving a beta invite to StarCraft 2. Though this isn’t the first time he’s tried to make something from the Diablo universe in another of Blizzard’s franchises; he was one of the first modders to make an RPG map for WarCraft 3. Again, this was a Diablo setting, Tristram, the village that opens all three games.

V 1.0 is out now and playable for those who want to hop in, details of where to download it can be found here. While Egod’s calling this V 1.0, this is still not a feature complete build of the mod, lacking randomised map events, a save/load function, randomised enemy bosses and minions, and, currently, the enemys do not scale in difficulty in accordance with the number of players in the game.

Those aside, however, check out what Egod has managed to include:

  • 6x Heros
  • 6x Acts (each Act = one map)
  • Around 90xItemPreFix
  • Around 90xItemSuffix
  • Randomized Item generator system with Normal/Magic/Rare/Unique
  • Semi-Randomized Terrain system (2D with 3D)
  • Day/Night engine
  • Fast Action Hack and Slash Gameplay with mouse shooting
  • Unique Skill system with a new approach
  • For now, 6xPlayers
  • Party system (or just play alone)
  • Softcore and Hardcore players can play together
  • Copy/Paste of Diablo II controls (F1-F2-F3 for skill and 1-2-3-4-5 for potion)
  • Item system requirement to balance the game
  • Unique Custom User Interface easy to use
  • Inventory system (Equip, Sell, Drop, Move, Cancel)
  • Check items on the ground by holding Alt Key like Diablo and Grab them
  • Each players see what items dropped, so yes, you can ninja!
  • Unique Diablo1 and Diablo2 Sounds imported
  • Some Custom World of Warcraft models imported (monster)
  • Randomized Shop system
  • Quest User interface system
  • Tons of Diablo2 Stats Formula used (Defense rating/ Stg / Dex / Energy / Vitality / chance to hit etc..)
  • Randomized Item Drop system
  • MagicFind item bonus
  • Experience system, max lvl 99
  • Blood
  • New Treasure Chest Hunting system

Via Reddit.