Torchlight 2 developer hopes for Diablo 2 remake mod; how Runic is a “Steam-based company”


Torchlight 2 is a little bundle ARPG goodness that’s heading our way later this week (huzzah!). One of the many reasons it promises to be excellent is that it’s coming fully-equipped to support and encourage modding. What with the game’s similarities to the Diablo games – a number of the development team worked on the series – it’s unlikely to be long till there’s a remake made in the Torchlight engine, at least that’s what Runic’s CEO hopes.

Speaking to Gamespy, Runic’s CEO Max Schaffer responded to the prospect or a modder making a rehash, saying ”
Oh gosh. I hope someone does that. I’d play it.”

“I love the Diablo stuff,” he said,”We are not in conflict with Blizzard. We have no part of any kerfuffle involving angry developers. We like those guys. They also had an impossible task with that game. There’s no way you can fulfill people’s expectations for Diablo 3.”

Without wholesale lifting Gamespy’s interview (which cover lots of interesting ground. Go read it just, y’know, come back) Schaffer also talks about Steam Workshop, its inclusion in the game, and what the platform has meant for them:

“We’re very, very much, probably more than anyone, a Steam-based company at this point. I would guess that it would probably do over 75% of its business in total on Steam. Most of the rest will be on our site. The other digital distributors almost do no business, it seems. Steam has just taken over. But they just do it better than everyone. They’re easier to work with, they’ve got Steam Workshop, and cloud saves for your characters, and all that stuff just works, and they’re easy to deal with, so we’re happy.”

Torchlight 2’s out on Thursday the 20th, just in time to destroy the first term of uni/the pre-Christmas months of all those summer wedding newly-weds/the parenting of June newborns/etc but it’ll be worth it for the loot.