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DICE “unhappy” with Battlefield 4 server performance; “Reducing lag is a top priority”

Blue shells in Battlefield 4: that is the sort of rubber banding we want.

Rubber bands: confusingly flexible when it comes to metaphor. In Mario Kart, rubber banding means getting the blue shell when you’re in last place; in Battlefield 4, it’s losing your last few steps and shots thanks to an unfortunate tussle with lag.

It’s particularly prevalent in 64-player matches, and it’s not just affected players who are miserable about it.

In a “quick update” on rubber banding during busy matches, DICE said they’d be investing in upgraded hardware. They want to ensure their servers are up to hosting the 64 players its maps are so clearly designed for.

“Looking into this further, we’re unhappy with our server performance,” they said. “So we’ll be upgrading the hardware as soon as possible, investing more to deliver a better experience.”

The developers don’t have an exact ETA – but promise to let us know when they do.

“Reducing lag for these players is absolutely a TOP priority for us to solve,” wrote DICE – expressive use of capitalisation all theirs. “We expect to have the solution very soon.”

Good-o. I haven’t been lucky enough to find a 64 player match in any of my recent lunchtime Battlefield sessions, so can’t speak from experience here. But perhaps you can? Are you one of those premium players lucky enough to get at the Naval Strike DLC?

Cheers, CVG.