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DICE "unhappy" with Battlefield 4 server performance; "Reducing lag is a top priority"

Blue shells in Battlefield 4: that is the sort of rubber banding we want.

Rubber bands: confusingly flexible when it comes to metaphor. In Mario Kart, rubber banding means getting the blue shell when you’re in last place; in Battlefield 4, it’s losing your last few steps and shots thanks to an unfortunate tussle with lag.

It’s particularly prevalent in 64-player matches, and it’s not just affected players who are miserable about it.

In a “quick update” on rubber banding during busy matches, DICE said they’d be investing in upgraded hardware. They want to ensure their servers are up to hosting the 64 players its maps are so clearly designed for.

“Looking into this further, we’re unhappy with our server performance,” they said. “So we’ll be upgrading the hardware as soon as possible, investing more to deliver a better experience.”

The developers don’t have an exact ETA - but promise to let us know when they do.

“Reducing lag for these players is absolutely a TOP priority for us to solve,” wrote DICE - expressive use of capitalisation all theirs. “We expect to have the solution very soon.”

Good-o. I haven’t been lucky enough to find a 64 player match in any of my recent lunchtime Battlefield sessions, so can’t speak from experience here. But perhaps you can? Are you one of those premium players lucky enough to get at the Naval Strike DLC?

Cheers, CVG.

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4 Years ago


The 10Hz server update rate of Battlefield 4 is unacceptable for a First Person Shooter

It's the reason why you "die instantly", it's the reason why you have No Time to react to getting shot, It's the reason why there is a black screen for 1 second everytime you spawn and it's also the reason why vehicles jamup when touching eachother

It needs to be increased to 128hz!, Or ATLEAST 60hz!

Everyone has their own idea about what it "should" be, what we need to discuss is what the "netsend rate" Needs to be.

I vote 60, it NEEDS to be atleast 60hz at minimum, I would want 128tick, but at this point in time I doubt it'll happen

The major problem is that these "next gen" consoles can't freaking keep up with a netsend rate of >30hz because of a rule that basically states that your game needs to allow someone with a 256kb/s modem to beable to play online without being kicked for lagging in order for you to be allowed to publish the game, NOBODY PLAYS ONLINE FPS GAMES WITH A 256KB/s MODEM!, Barely anyone uses 256kb/s anymore, letalone use it for Intense internet gaming!

I'd call it a failure of the console desingers/devs, because seriously, consoles are the reason why we have such an ungodly low tickrate, this "publishing rule" is killing PC gaming, Yet consoles are just barbone locked OS PC's!!

If you can't raise the netsend rate on consoles, could you atleast do it for PC Gamers?

We have BEASTLY systems that can run almost anything you toss at us, and we can always upgrade the slow component

Why are PC's being Capped at the speed of a Console, A console is a cutdown barebone locked OS PC!!!

A "netsend rate" of 10hz is unacceptable for modern games, Letalone "Next generation games" which is what BF4 should be

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4 Years ago

Is this still being said even so long after its release? :/

I foolishly bought the premium and got tired of BF4 shortly before the 1st DLC was even released. If you get into a decent squad you can have such a great time in the game, but unfortunately I find myself all too often searching for a squad which has some sort of direction but 90% of the time I just can't find one.