Sun, sea and severed heads in this teaser trailer for open world survival game, Die Young

Die Young Teaser

Survival games are one of the genre du jour on PC at the moment, with people lapping that mix of crafting, exploring and fierce combat, as you scramble to keep hold of life. Not wanting to miss out on this burgeoning genre, Indie Gala has released a teaser trailer for their new survival game, titled Die Young.

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Die Young casts players as a kidnapped girl, trapped by a mysterious rural community on a beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea. With ancient ruins, dark caves and murderous inhabitants dotted around this island paradise, it’s up to the player to gather resources and successfully escape before they, as the title suggests, die young.

With it seemingly styled as a single-player experience on an island that sees the Wicker Man twinned with your typical family holiday to Majorca, Die Young could act as a welcome break from the swathe of multiplayer survival games that are currently on the market.

Indie Gala expects Die Young to release on Steam in winter of 2017 and you can keep watch of its development by going its official website. Check out the trailer above for a glimpse of this twisted holiday retreat.

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