Dirt Rally’s latest Early Access update adds, uh, Finland. Cool.

Dirt Rally screenshot

The latest patch to Dirt Rally has been released titled Flying Finland and adds the Scandinavian nation as a location for 12 new stages. There’s also a pair of new cars to race around them in and a big batch of minor improvements, fixes and additions. To show it all off there’s a pretty trailer with the new cars zipping across the wooded landscape.

Dirt has never been my game, in fact racing as a whole passed me by, but there’s a lovely flow to the way cars move in this and other footage. I don’t think I would ever have the patience to get into it properly, but the speed and weight of rally driving appeals to me more than other hyper-realistic racers. Plus it’s one of the most regularly updated Early Access games currently available and from an A-class team too.

This update also includes custom championships, letting you alter the difficulty and length for your personal preferences and rewarding you accordingly. Further tweaks were made to various cars both in terms of handeling and how they look and sound. You can read the full patch notes over on Steamor jump into the game to experience them for yourself, as it should be live now.