Javelin is Dirty Bomb’s new “tactical-minded Norwegian girl with a guided rocket launcher”

Dirty Bomb Javelin Update

Dirty Bomb – the free-to-play shooter from Splash Damage – is getting a big update right now. Called The Javelin Update, the new addition is a Merc (playable character, to the layperson) called, you guessed it, Javelin. Her shtick is that she’s got her very own guided rocket launcher – you can see it in action in the trailer above.

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Reminding me heavily of Half-Life 2’s guided missile launcher, you’ll get to fire rockets into the sky and guide them back down onto enemies, hopefully tearing them to shreds with the explosion. Also: Javelin has some great hair. It’s very good indeed.

Also coming in this update is a new matchmaking system – casual matchmaking is being rolled out across North America and Europe to help make things more balanced and introduce improved party matchmaking. Apparently things will be a little unbalanced for some time as the new system adjusts, but should be much better past that teething period.

Dome, one of the game’s maps, has also been reworked, there are new trinkets to unlock, new achievements, reduced Merc prices, improved daily rewards, and a whole bunch of balance changes. To go through them all would take a while, so you can read the full patch notes – including everything from more details on Javelin to individual numbers tweaks – right here.