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Discord rebrands because it isn’t “just about videogames anymore”

Discord's making some changes to be more of a generic platform, including fewer dumb videogame jokes in the client

If you play online multiplayer games with your friends, there’s a pretty good chance you use Discord for communication. There’s also a pretty good chance you use it for chatting outside of games, and the company is now making efforts to shift its brand beyond gaming. That includes a simpler experience for new users, increased initiatives to make the platform friendly to more diverse groups, and fewer dumb videogame jokes in the client.

“In asking you what you want Discord to be,” CEO Jason Citron says in a blog post, “we heard that you want Discord to be more welcoming, more inclusive, and more trustworthy so more kinds of communities can find a home here. Many of you told us that the biggest misconception you hear about Discord is that it’s ‘only for gaming,’ but you feel Discord’s for ‘literally everyone’ and ‘for anyone who likes to talk.'”

In an effort to embrace the platform’s role in more than just gaming, Discord is undergoing a gentle rebrand. This effort includes recent changes like a streamlined experience for new users, expanded voice and video capacity, and a general reduction of gaming-specific jokes in the client.

Today, those efforts have culminated in a new website and a new slogan: “your place to talk”.

Discord is also highlighting its Safety Center as part of this effort, and Citron says the team will “continue to take decisive action against white supremacists, racists, and others who seek to use Discord for evil.”

Citron also provides some notable stats for the platform: “Since we launched in 2015, Discord has grown to more than 100 million monthly active users. You spend 4 billion minutes in conversation daily across 6.7 million active servers.”

Discord will, naturally, still let you chat over your videogames. The company just wants everyone to know the service allows for more than that.