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Bethesda and Arkane Studios unmask Dishonored 2; features two main characters

Dishonored 2 E3 2015 reveal

Well what a surprise: Bethesda and Arkane Studios have confirmed that Dishonored 2 is a thing. A real thing. It takes place after the events of the first game, where the mysterious Outsider is once again setting things in motion. Players will be able to take control of both Corvo, and Emily Kaldwin – you may remember her as the Princess orphan from the first game.

But she’s a bit more badass now, as the trailer below will aptly demonstrate.

Here’s a pretty swish announcement trailer:

This time the game favours a more tropical and countryside setting, but it’s still filled with strife and tyranny just like the first. The Outsider is certainly involved, and it’s unknown whether he’s given Emily her powers, or whether Covo had something to do with it. Nevertheless, both Corvo and Emily will be playable, and both will sport their own unique powers and playstyle.

The studio also confirmed that you’ll once again be able to go through the entire game without hurting a soul, if that’s your preferred method.

Cryptic right until the end, Arkane Studios said we can expect Dishonored 2 sometime in the future, but a tweet from Bethesda slates the game for a 2016 release window.