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Dishonored 2 the “biggest, most important thing we have” this Christmas, says Bethesda

Dishonored 2

It’s a long time since the main game of note Bethesda had on its books was The Elder Scrolls. As part of the wider Zenimax family, the publisher is now one of the industry’s big boys, with some of the most popular IP in its library. IP like Dishonored.

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Indeed, with Dishonored 2 due this November, Bethesda’s PR and marketing chief Pete Hines has given the title a huge vote of confidence, claiming it’s the biggest game the publisher has in its arsenal for the remainder of 2016. Yes, that’s including the Skyim remaster.

“With Dishonored 2 being the sequel to the game of the year, it is the biggest, most important thing we have,” Hines told British trade publication MCV, referencing the original Dishonored’s critical acclaim back in 2012.

“Even though I think Skyrim is going to do tremendously well, I don’t think we need to spend a whole lot of time explaining what that is. But with Dishonored 2, we want to spend time highlighting the fact that it is not just the same game. We want to show that the team has been really ambitious.”

Hines was speaking to MCV at a event in Los Angeles hosted by Bethesda earlier in the summer, and while he noted Dishonored’s credibility was established thanks to its success in 2012, he claimed Bethesda isn’t expecting the sequel to shift Fallout 4 sized numbers come release.

“We are pretty good at looking at each game and understanding what its potential is,” he concluded. “We’re not saying that Doom or Dishonored 2 has to do as well as Fallout 4. I think that would be unfair to those games and studios. I don’t think someone like yourself would ever look at Dishonored 2 and say: ‘Absolutely, that is the same as Skyrim in terms of its potential’.

“It is a different game from a different studio. It can still achieve enormous success and not be Skyrim.”

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