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Watch Emily murder her way through Dishonored 2’s Clockwork Mansion mission


Watch Emily tear her way through Dishonored 2’s Clockwork Mansion mission in our hands-on preview video above. Emily had a troubled childhood, alright? She’s bound to be a bit bloodthirsty. Don’t judge us. 

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Just keep in mind that our last playthrough of the first Dishonored was a high chaos run, so Emily was scrawling serial killer fan art by the end of the game. We’re just keeping the lore of our experience ticking over, letting her go absolutely ham on poor guards, robots and other unfortunate souls.

You might recognise this mission from the original cinematic trailer, hence the clockwork soldiers.

The guy we’re after made a house filled with moving walls, floor panels, stairs and killer robots, so he’s definitely a prime candidate for a knife in the throat. Find out if that’s what happens in part two below:

If you want to see it go down differently, AllGamesDelta have a stealth Emily playthrough and a Corvo run.

Bethesda promise there’ll be more footage tomorrow, of a fully non-lethal, low-chaos run. We’ll update once it’s released.