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Custom difficulty modes and permadeath are now live in Dishonored 2

Dishonored 2 PC review

Update January 23, 2017: Dishonored 2’s second free game update has now left beta, adding permadeath, more choice, and level selects for everyone. 

The ultimate Dishonored 2 challenge is now within your grasp in the form of Iron Mode, a new option that ends the game completely when you die once. I can’t wait for someone to get through it without powers. 

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Additionally, there are custom difficulty modes, a level select once you’ve completed the game, and basically just more ways to get stabby.

Original Story January 15, 2017: There are already many ways to play through Dishonored 2 – you can go on a murder spree or slip through every level while leaving the world untouched. You can do this with Corvo or Emily, each with their own set of powers. Hell, you can even mix their powers now, if you want. Alternatively, you can even do the entire game without any powers at all.

Despite all this choice, there are new ways to play Dishonored 2 coming in the next patch, including the ability to jump in at a specific mission and set your own custom difficulty level.

Landing on PC in a Steam beta patch on January 18, custom difficulties let you tailor the experience to your needs. You can adjust things like sleep dart effectiveness, how many enemies attack at once, and how invisible you are when peeking around corners.

If you’re looking to increase the challenge, you can also turn on the permadeath Iron Mode where there’s no manual saving or loading. It’s pure Dishonored 2, forcing you to adapt and live with your mistakes.

“Iron Mode adds even more teeth to Dishonored 2,” says lead designer Dinga Bakaba. “You will have to live with the consequences of your actions, or die permanently because of them.”

We’re also promised some other improvements based on player feedback, with more details to follow.