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Dishonored 2 will have quick saves and quick loads; both protagonists will have unique targets

Dishonored 2

Dishonored 2 will have a quick save & load system and will feature unique assassination targets for each of its dual protagonists, according to game director Harvey Smith. 

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In an interview in the latest issue of Game Informer, Harvey Smith talks about how Arkane aren't afraid of challenging industry trends and carving out their own path.

As well as letting you play as original protagonist Corvo Attano - who now has a voice, by the way - you can also choose to play through as Emily Kaldwin, the daughter of the Empress who's now all grown up. 

Not only will the two characters have abilities unique to them, but they will also have some different assassination targets and they'll react differently to the story throughout. Presumably this is on top of how morality plays into, and alters, the story.

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So, essentially, Dishonored 2 is multiple games and will require at least two playthroughs to see the full story. It's a potentially risky move, as many players will only see some it, but Harvey Smith says Arkane aren't worried about doing something different.

"If you make all your decisions based on what you think is selling well, you end up with this kind of indistinct mess," Smith says. "Whereas if you go with what is in your heart as a gamer, that's kind of how we think. It doesn't make financial sense, but counter-intuitively, that's how you get rewarded financially.

"When [From Software] made Demon's Souls, it broke every rule that a AAA publisher would tell you was smart thinking at that moment, and it launched this franchise and this team. We think similarly. There is a lot of our game that nobody sees. We're throwing away huge amounts of work from that perspective. But from our perspective, that's what makes it special - the fact that as you proceed through the game, you constantly have this sense that it's much bigger than what you're doing."

In other excellent Dishonored 2 news, the sequel will also feature a quick save and load system. Anyone who did a full stealth, no-kills, run of the first game will understand the game-changing importance of this addition. While Dishonored often feels like a game where it's more fun to live with your mistakes - to adapt - quick saving and loading will make that inevitable attempt at a full ghost run that much less painful. 

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Facarwi avatar
Facarwi Avatar
2 Years ago

Not sure how I feel about the quick save function. My opinion is Quick Saves in a fair few cases cost a game more then what it brings. Yes it makes the game much more manageable but it also can drastically change the experience.

I am not suggesting every game should be like this example but it is perfect for articulating my point. Imagine if Dark Souls had quick saving, the impact is easy to see. Gaming is an art form, one of its unique qualities especially on PC however is the users ability to change the experience to suit themselves.

Which is great, we paid for it we should be able to do what we like with it on an individual level. That said users can also turn around and negativity few the same title because it no longer delivered the expected experience.

Sometimes players need to be saved from themselves, a proportion of a games goal is to be able to complete it efficiency. Dark Souls might even say yes we have Quick saving now but its to only be used when the phone rings etc, it was not meant as a way to save between bonfires.

But now you have players saying okay, we are only meant to use it as a backup, but then the physiological aspect comes into play and a large part of the player base talk themselves into saving just before a boss telling themselves that they can clear that easy its the boss they have problems with, failing to realize part of the problem with the boss is you get their with only 2 health potions.

They take it further coming up with what they see as legit reasons to save-scum but in reality are not trying to play the game as it was intended but play the game at a challenge level that they still fill rewarded for beating a boss.

Summery... things like quick saving do offer ease of use mostly from the developer side as its a lot quicker to implement then a well thought out checkpoint system made to test the player in different ways such as dark souls or other games.