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Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches DLC brings a hoarse man to water in concept art


Where’s Daud’s Amphibian Feet Flaps upgrade at? We spent a good portion of The Knife of Dunwall in and among the drowned architecture of the Flooded District, and it doesn’t seem the (potentially) reformed master assassin will even have time to rinse those lovely leather gloves before wading out again in pursuit of the titular Brigmore Witches. Soggy.

Without delving too far into the details, I think we can safely say that the plot of The Knife of Dunwall took a leap left by the end, introducing a new supernatural enemy and offering ample excuse for getting to know them better down the line. The scene of that reintroduction, it seems, will be a big house in the country:



Click here and here for embiggened versions.

Thanks to that thorny exterior, I’m reminded of an old foe and sometime friend from early Thief: Viktoria. That’s perhaps no surprise, as Thief is Dishonored’s closest spiritual sibling – and BioShock already found time to reference its unknowable Pagan forest environments in Arcadia.

Then there’s that nearly-knee deep water, which can’t help but become a serious concern for a man who likes his footsteps unheard.

Bethesda are promising more news on the conclusion of Daud’s redemption tale later today, and are showing the DLC at QuakeCon. Along what strange currents would you like to see the Queen’s killer swept?