Dishonored cartoon tells The Tales of Dunwall. It’s a dark and bloody one.


Dishonored’s release is creeping ever closer and, like firing fireworks out of the window of your car as you drive into your hometown, Arkane are informing us of its imminent arrival with pretty lights and hints of danger.

Yes, the first video of Dishonored’s cartoon series may be a piece of marketing fodder but it looks delectable and captures the dark, sickening tone of the game’s world.

Check it out below.

It’s the Roseburrow of the video who makes Dunwall a town that farms the alien whales of the world. Sucking them dry to fuel the steam engines that power the city.

No word on when we’ll see the next video, though they’llhaveto be pretty sharpish to get it out before Dishonored’s release on 12 October.