Dishonored ‘Inception’ dev diary emphasises style, choice, and how Arkane scoured Europe for artists


As we close in on Dishonored’s release, Arkane have begun releasing a series of developer diaries documenting in broad strokes the aims and goals of the game. And what goals they are.

Whilst showing off the game, these videos also go some way to highlighting howthis fantastic project didn’t just come together by chance. For instance, that upon finding their art team by scouring Europethey “did not make them come to out studio because we wanted them to keep their universe and their way of working”. Arkane seem to have been committed from the off to creating a game that was going to be ambitious, stylised, and different from its competition. Everything we’ve seen so far suggests they’ve managed it.

Rather than gush about the excitement here round the PCGamesN campfire, you should read Tim’s preview.Or, if you’re looking for more direct and in your face gushing. There’s this video of creative rat killing(in the game).

Dishonored will be released in the UK on 12th October, those Yankee fellows get it on the 9th though.