Dishonored’s Corvo wasn’t always a mute protagonist


“Jesus H, did you see that? Those rats just devoured that guy, like, literally,” says Corvo in an alternate version of Dishonored, probably. “I mean, what am I going to tell Emily when she asks what happened at work today?”

It’s a version of Dishonored Raphael Colantonio still thinks about: “We added some text input options for Corvo around alpha but never really went further.”

“To this day, we wonder what the other version would have felt like in the game,” Colantonio told OPM.

But the Arkane captain is glad that ultimately, Corvo was left as blank as socially-inept slate: “That was a deliberate choice. If we portrayed Corvo angry and seeking revenge, it might offend the non-lethal player who is seeking a stable outcome for the City of Dunwall, and vice versa.”

I’ve chatted to folk who found fault with our Corvo. They thought his quietness jarring, an unwanted reminder of the fourth wall. But I’m sure I don’t agree. What do you think?