Latest Dishonored trailer is all about sneaky deaky stealthy stealth


When I was 13, I once hid up a tree to escape two bigger boys who’d been chasing me for some reason. They both wandered around the base of the tree, utterly confused by my apparent disappearance while shouting things like “we know you’re in the tree” and “get out of the tree”. My stealthy ruse had worked, I had successfully vanished into the night like a spooky ghost or crisp packet. So you’ll understand why I don’t need to take any stealth lessons from the latest Dishonored trailer, which is all about sneaking, leaning, crouching and hiding. You, on the other hand, might have a thing or two to learn, so watch!

You can read Tim’s Dishonored preview if the above hijinks have so pleased you. The game is out in Europe on October 12.