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New Dishonored gameplay trailer shows off creative killing, and “death by rat”


Arkane have made a wise choice content-wise in their latest video: recognising that we’re likely tiring of running and jumping by this point in the Olympic season, they’ve opted for showing off some of Dishonored’s more unusual muscles: time manipulation, rat summoning, and possession. Something that you can usually only see on the pages of Obscure Sports Quarterly.

Undoubtedly, in many of the instances on show it would be far easier to do an Indiana and just shoot the man but I can’t help admire the mind that thinks “The clear resolution to this set of events is to pause time, possess the friend of my assailant, walk him in front of the path of a bullet, and resume time, leaving just enough time for my assailant to realise he has ended the life of his dear friend before summoning up a pack of rats to devour him from the shins up”. Admire or, more likely, shy away from.

What with the news that Dishonored’s voice cast features more gems than Damien Hirst’s diamond skull and this display of free-form murder, I can’t help but a get a little tingly at the prospect of playing this on 12th October.