Dishonored’s Rat Assassin now on iPad


Dishonored is getting close now, the stench of its plague-ridden streets starting to waft up the nostrils and curl around your brain, making it crinkle and shudder. It’s going to be good, Tim’s played as much, but if you’re itching for a chance to get a little closer to it (and that itch isn’t from a rash or boils), and you’ve got an iOS device, then you can download Rat Assassin, for your iPhone or iPad, now.

It’s Fruit Ninja with rats, care of the supernatural powers that Corvo, Dishonored’s protagonist, is going to be making use of come release date on 12th of October, just under a month. So you’ll slice rats up, but also shoot them with crossbows, slow down time, explode them with traps, all the lovely things that you do to plague-carrying vermin.
It’s a bit unpleasant, to tell the truth, to be cutting so many rodents in half at such volume, but then maybe that’s the point; as much as they’re Dunwall’s enemy in the game, it seems like they’ll often be your allies, something to possess so that you can sneak where you otherwise wouldn’t be able to get near, whether it be because of guards, or just because you wouldn’t fit through the tiny gap in the floor that you just squeezed through as a rat.
So here’s to you, my muroidean brethren, I’m sorry I just cut a few hundred of you in half.