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Divinity 2’s first patch nerfs OP chicken magic

divinity original sin 2

Larian have just released a great big patch for Divinity: Original Sin II. As well as tidying up a bunch of bugs, the developers say that the aim of this patch is to help “make your journal clearer and your journey through Arx smoother.”

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The most important changes seem to be to the way the game points you towards certain situations. The journal is being improved with better quest status updates, and the patch also changes how hints work, aiming to create better links between characters and places.

There are also quite a lot of changes to combat. Among these are the fact that smoke now blocks Attack of Opportunity, and that Reactive Shot now uses equipped weapon stats to calculate damage. However, the patch has also lowered Persuasion difficulty across Arx, which might mean it’s a lot easier to take a more pacifist approach to the game.

Even more crucially, however, is the fact that the distance you can run in Chicken form has been reduced to a ‘poultry’ six metres (sorry). I can only imagine the impact this will have on the game as a whole.

There are also a huge number of bug fixes, dealing with issues across the main game, the UI, and GM mode. The patch is live now, and you can read the full notes here.