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After huge powercut, Larian launches global effort to get Divinity: Original Sin 2 out on time

divinity original sin 2

Of all the days for Ghent to lose power, it had to be the day Larian were releasing Divinity: Original Sin 2. The team doesn’t currently know whether they can release the game today or not – they should be able to through their studios in other countries, but it’s not guaranteed.

While you wait to play, why not have a read of our review in progress.

After a small fire in the Ghent power station, power to much of the city went out early this morning and has been off throughout the day. This means that, despite moving their servers and renting a generator, Larian haven’t been able to access the latest build of Divinity: Original Sin 2, the build it was going to be releasing through Steam this evening.

However, all is not lost, thanks to developers based in Montreal and Russia, Larian should still be able to hit the originally planned release this evening.

Larian founder Swen Vincke posted a video explaining the issue and the lengths the team have gone to to circumvent the problem:

As well as today’s challenges, the video and Kickstarter update go through the journey of the past two years of development.

Meanwhile, over on Steam, Larian fans are taking it in their stride and trying to mentally send power to the studio.