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Divinity: Original Sin 2 mod support and Game Master mode on the horizon as stretch goals

Divinity: Original Sin 2

The new Divinity is a fascinating sequel in which the Original Sin no longer refers to a cataclysmic Pandora’s Box event, but to the cultural advantages and stigmas player characters are born with. Or perhaps it refers to the sort of sins encouraged by the occasionally competitive co-op planned for Divinity: Original Sin II: dropping a poisoned health potion in a friend’s backpack, for instance.

Either way, it’s caught the imagination of the RPG-playing public, spiralling to $1.5 million on Kickstarter and sending Larian scrambling for new stretch goal ideas.

If the community can top $1,650,000 in the next nine days, Larian will get to work on dedicated mod support – hiring a “special team” with a mandate to enhance, streamline and “user-friendly-ify” the powerful editor the studio have used to build Original Sin and its sequel.

Beyond that, there’s the promise of a more dynamic relationship system, a “shapeshifting mask”, and at $2 million, a Game Master mode that might explore the same D&D-riffing territory as Sword Coast: Legends.

The current tally has already unlocked the legendary Hall of Echoes, a mysterious realm between reality and the Void, as a playable area.

“One of its most unique features is its ability to shift, chameleon-like, to suit the needs and desires of its visitors,” write Larian. “When your party is eventually invited to the Hall, you’ll find that it may morph to suit your deepest desires, be they for a skill trader, a home for your companions, or perhaps a lost soul from your past…”

Coo! The original Original Sin indulged in more plane-hopping than Kanye West. Are you happy to see that world-spanning vibe furthered?