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Dominions 5 will let you gather worshippers and ascend to 4X godhood

dominions 5 release date

You may not have heard much about Dominions, but its fans will tell you that it’s one of the most unique and compelling 4X titles out there. Now Dominions 5 has been officially announced, and it’s just a few short months away from release, giving you a brand new opportunity to ascend to godhood.

Dominions 4 just happens to be one of our favourite 4X games on PC.

The series sees you take on the role of a ‘pretender’, a hopeful ruler who must defeat the other nations of world and prove that you are the one true god. You’re not just a mortal with an over-inflated ego either, as you’ll be able to give your followers power based on your dominion. The series draws inspiration from historical cultures and myths, while avoiding the tropes of post-Tolkien fantasy.

Dominions 5 refines what was in place for the previous game while introducing several new features. Real-time combat will make the process of watching battles play out much quicker, and map generation has been completely revised to allow for wintry locations and more nuanced movement. Recruitment has also been totally rebuilt, and priest spells will now be determined by the type of god he worships – so if you’re a fiery sort you can imbue your followers with all manner of toasty powers.

You can check in on a full list of additions with the official announcement, but it sounds like this will be a worthy successor for the cult classic strategy series. Dominions 5 is set to launch in November on Steam across Windows, Mac, and Linux.