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Donate $99 to a Kickstarter for a public space telescope, receive free Planetary Annihilation game and unique avatar


Unless you’re heavily into your actual science stuff, you might be quite unaware of a remarkable Kickstarter project that’s going on right now. ARKYD is a proposed planet orbiting space telescope that would be publicly controlled; as in a gadget in the inky blackness of space that you have a say in what it does. It can even take pictures for you. If the mere idea of that wasn’t enough to make you think ‘I’ll throw a dollar that way!’, then know this: if you pledge $99, you’ll get a free copy of Planetary Annihilation and an exclusive ‘Planetary Commander’ avatar.

Uber Entertainment’s Jonathan Mavor announced the Kickstarter reward in a Google+ hangout, which you can watch above. If you do pledge you won’t get immediate access to Planetary Annihilation – you’ll have to wait until the full release – but that unique avatar and the fact you got given it for helping fund a project that blasts a telescope into actual space, designed by a team that also works on mining asteroids, may make the wait worth it.

To secure your copy of Planetary Annihilation and fund a satellite that will display your face on a screen miles above the planet, head over to the ARKYD Kickstarter now. You’ve got mere hours left to make your mark.