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Red Dead Redemption meets Valheim in new Steam building game

Red Dead Redemption and Valheim somehow come together perfectly in a new Steam building game where you make your own western ranch while fighting off bandits.

Don't Die In The West Steam: A cartoon cowboy with a Stetson in Steam building game Don't Die In The West

Red Dead Redemption and of course RDR 2 are the definitive videogame westerns. But you take the rootin’, tootin’, and shootin’ of John Marston and Arthur Morgan’s Rockstar adventures and splice them with the superlative Valheim, and you get something very cool indeed. This is the wonderfully named Don’t Die In The West, a new Steam builder and strategy sim, with a hint of Don’t Starve thrown in the mix, that you can try right now absolutely free.

At first glance, Don’t Die In The West seems like a pleasant, cosy building game where everything runs nice and smooth. But don’t be fooled. This is a solid western right in the vein of Red Dead Redemption, with the punishing, tough survival expectations of Iron Gate’s Valheim. You begin by exploring the wild plains and the ramshackle town of Tumbleville. A ruthless gang of bandits has set up nearby, alongside the malicious, oil-hungry Gritt Corporation, and a strange, prophetic hermit.

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With the scene firmly set, you’re left to your own devices. Scour the wilderness for resources and supplies, craft your own weapons and gear, and choose your battles against stagecoach robbers and Gritt Corps’ hired heavies. Gradually, you gather the gear sufficient to start building your own settlement and ranch – if you live long enough, you can make an idyllic little homestead and start raising horses, hosting card games, and even distilling your own whiskey.

Even better, Don’t Die In The West allows for four-player co-op, so you and three buddies can form your own gang and collaborate on missions, exploration, and building. Scheduled for an early access release before the end of 2023, if you want to try Don’t Die In The West right now, a free Steam demo is already live.

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