Doom 3 BFG Edition won’t include multiplayer for original Doom and Doom 2 on PC


Time to boo, hiss, toss balls of flame or discharge shotguns irresponsibly: if you were hoping the release of Doom 3 BFG – which comes packaged with Dooms 1 and 2 – might bring a momentary spike in concurrent players to those old games online, you’d better start hoping for something different. No hope here.

A new BFG Edition FAQ from Bethesda reveals that while our console brethren will get to play Doom and Doom 2 with 2-4 players, we’re stuck with something closer to 0-0. And we’re not privy to the whys and wherefores of that, either.

Good news of sorts is that multiplayer for Doom 3 and sole expansion Resurrection of Evil is to be supported on PC, if you’re the type who likes to document dated deathmatch experiences for posterity.

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Were you looking forward to strafing horizontally around Mars bases in the near future?