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Grab this phenomenal FPS trilogy as a set of free games while you can

You can snag Doom, Doom 2, and Doom 3 via Prime Gaming at no extra cost right now, making it one of the best free game offers for an iconic FPS series.

Doom 2 Amazon Prime: some sort of thick skinned demon with no eyes

Doom 3 might not be like the rest of the series when looking back at it, but when the survival horror take on the most iconic FPS game of all time is available for free, there’s very little reason to complain about giving it a go for the first time. If you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber you can get Doom 3 and keep it forever, and it’s a classic worth giving a try if you never played it.

Alright, Doom 3 was not the FPS anyone expected, trading fast-paced shooter action for more of a horror atmosphere that players of FEAR and Dead Space will be all too familiar with. As far as free games go though, this is one you’ll want to download.

Doom 3 is the perfect game for the Halloween season, and it being free is just the cherry on top. The BFG edition comes will all of the game’s DLC, and you can even play the original or remastered version of the game, with debates still going on about which is better.

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The BFG edition has enhanced sound, graphics, horror effects, a checkpoint system, the ability to hold the flashlight while holding your weapon, extra DLC, and even the original Doom and Doom 2 as well – so you’re getting a trilogy of great shooters instead of just one.

The first two Doom games are changed a bit in Doom 3, but the core of both games (and some extra episodes) are available to play. Some assets have been changed and removed, with a few textures and music files changed too, but both still play like classic Doom.

There’s a lot of debate about which version of Doom 3 is better, but considering you can have both in this free download I recommend you try each out for yourself. Some think the original version of Doom 3 has a better atmosphere and gameplay due to the design. In contrast, others prefer how the BFG edition listened to player feedback and made key changes to the game, but I’ll leave the decision up to you.

Doom 3 is available until Saturday, November 18 with an Amazon Prime subscription, and once you’ve redeemed the GOG version of the game it’s free to keep forever. So get it added to your library before you forget.

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