Bethesda had a Doom BFG 3D printed and now I want one more than air

3D printed BFG

Yep, need it. Give it to me immediately. No ifs, ands or buts, that is a thing I must own. In their never-ceasing wisdom, the brainboxes/mad scientists down at Bethesda and id decided that what the world needed was a 1:1 scale real-life version of the BFG. Sadly 3D printing isn’t quite up to the point where it works for banishing demons to the nether realms, but it’s mighty pretty.

Doom is one of the best games of this year and you’re categorically wrong if you feel otherwise.

It’s a meter long, because that’s how big itneeds to be. To be honest, I’m more interesting in what this implies about Doomguy’s upper body strength, but I suppose he does spend half the game ripping out limbs with his bare hands. Here’s a video of how the monstrosity was made:

I’m resolutely ignoring the fact it’s made out of mostly glue, because that takes the magic away. Just designing it took Kirby Downey 70 hours, and then another thousand of the printers eeking it out. According to the blog post, multiple printers were running across an entire month working out pieces. As you see above, it was then all put together.

Unfortunately you, I and your dog are all far too late to actually own the thing, as it was given to a competition winner who designed an excellent paintjob. Presumably they now hang it above their mantlepiece, when they aren’t using it as an armchair or to beat whales to death. My love of overly-sized plasma-dispensing energy weapons will have to be contained to The Rock and doing mid-air 180s to clear out train rooms on VEGA Processing.

Thanks, EG.