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Glory Kills, demon runes and weapon upgrades come to Doom 2 in the Doom (4) mod

Doom (4)

Was new Doom not old-school enough for you? Do you wish Bethesda had taken the throwback shooter one step further and laced it with pixellated gibs, flat textures, square surfaces and cranked the speed up to 100? Well, the imminent release of the Doom (4) mod, for Doom 2, might please you. 

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Doom (4) brings all the Glory Kills, demon transformations, reworked weapons, sounds and more of the latest Doom and drags them into hell – hell being Doom 2.

Here’s a video of it in action:

The mod just entered V 2.0 and is due for release on October 31. Here are all the new bits contained in its latest version:

  • All weapons now have upgrades. Guns that don’t have mods have improvement upgrades instead, and there are four upgrades to these specific weapons.
  • New, mysterious items called Carrion drops from enemies when gibbed.
  • The last three multiplayer weapons: Repeater Rifle, Vortex Rifle, Carrion Cannon.
  • Demon Runes
    • There are many, all of them belonging to the bigger classes. In terms of the Doom caste, it’s the Cacodemon on up.
    • Drops by demon type. Very rare, yet powerful.
  • Powerups
    • Haste sometimes replaces the blur sphere
    • Quad Damage sometimes replaces the berserk.
    • Quad Money (secret) can only be found in crates
  • Suit Upgrades
    • Health Armour Air Control Credits Protection Crates
  • Glory Kills
    • Stupidly customisable so you can have them to whatever style you want.
    • Can be turned on or off with a master switch at any time.

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