Doom’s asymmetric, 2-5 player board game sounds like a hell of a time


Fantasy Flight Games are taking on another known property, turning id Software’s new Doom into a board game. While I doubt it has the pace, the gibs and the fires of Hell from this year’s videogame, it seems like it could be a lot of fun.

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In Doom: The Board Game you can take control of a United Aerospace Corporation’s marine and try complete a variety of different objectives on a series of different maps, or you can control the legions of Hell and kill them dead until they stop respawning.

Doom provides two operations of six missions for demon invaders and marines to battle through. Every mission presents a different set of objectives and threat levels, thanks to objective cards which describe victory conditions for both teams, as well as some special rules. The marine’s objectives can vary from securing the battle area to collecting valuable assets, but invaders will just be out to murder them in a horrible way.

Portals will be dotted around the map, signifying where the invader can spawn demons, and they will also be assigned threat cards – Infestation, Horde, and Assault – which will impact how your demons can behave.

The marines come in four flavours – Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta – and though they all come with a special sprinting ability and equal health points, the differing classes and weapon loadouts make them stand apart.

As in Doom, the marines are encouraged to keep running and not fear death, thanks to those respawns I mentioned. You can even stagger demons and perform a Glory Kill. It sounds great. You can see the full details over on theFantasy Fight Games official site.

Doom: The Board Game is expected to arrive at retailers during the fourth quarter of 2016.