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Replace Doom’s hellbeasts with something worse: a whoa-ing Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot Doom

There’s a mod for just about everything, but there’s one golden rule: if it’s a meme, there’s probably a mod of it. Because Crash Bandicoot has returned to PlayStation in a remastered collection, people are bathing in the nostalgia of his whoa.

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What do you mean ‘what’s his woah’? This. This is his whoa:

It’s just glorious, isn’t it? The sound, the animation, and the surprise and horror when he lunges at the screen at the end. Now imagine dozens of them trying to kill you, all while whoa-ing in your general direction.

Woah! Crash Bandicoot Doom is a mod that will make your cheese nightmares come true, pitting Doomguy against mobs of the contorting bandicoot. At least you can finally take him out back with a shotgun, I suppose.

Check out the mod at the top of this page. The YouTuber showing it off had the ingenuity to combine it with a chainsaw fidget spinner mod later on in the video to make it that little bit extra. The things we do for memes. The files are on DoomWorld.