Classic Doom gets a 3D and HD remaster – courtesy of the fans

The entire Classic Doom experience - from Phobos to Hell - has been given a community overhaul

Doom is a classic of PC gaming. Its first shareware episode was an experience shared by half a generation who will never forget the whine of its opening doors or the nasal grunts of its imps, while its fast-feeling engine and distinctive level designs influenced shooters for years. Doom Remake 4 is a new community remaster of Classic Doom that aims to bring the iconic look and feel of the original into the era of 3D gaming.

Doom Remake 4 adds high definition textures with physically based rendering (PBR) materials, allowing more realistic interactions between light rays and surfaces (so, metal will shine). There are new 3D models to replace 2D sprites, and you can even traumatise enemy corpses after you’ve killed them if you’re the bloodthirsty type.

You can see all this in action in the video clip below, which fans will recognise is set in E1M3, or Toxin Refinery. All the guns are on show, all the familiar sounds are back, and I must say it looks like an excellent update. The experience really looks and feels like Classic Doom – and yet it’s a fully 3D game.

Doom Remake 4 works as a standalone mod, and its authors assure us that it is “compatible with any custom levels, both classic and GZDoom-based”, including HontE Remastered.

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The original Doom and Doom 2 levels aren’t included in the download due to licensing issues, but it does include maps from the Freedoom Project. You can also load in the original levels by copying doom.wad and doom2.wad from your Doom folder into the remake folder.

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You can download Doom Remake 4 on ModDB here, and browse around its page for more information, install instructions, screenshots, and community reviews – its scoring an average of 8.1, though there are some 1s. Of these the only person who bothers explaining their negative view says it’s “ugly”, and perhaps some of the enemy models leave a little to be desired, but that seems pretty mean-spirited given how impressive the rest of it is (not to mention that it’s free).